About Me

I am a Christian blogger with a history of leading worship. I was a worship intern for the Georgia College Wesley Foundation, now working for a Christian television station in Augusta, GA, and still seeking worship leading opportunities there.  In the past, I’ve led worship for Bethany Baptist Church, CrossPointe Church, Thomson First United Methodist Church and various FCA’s and events throughout southern Georgia.

In my time spent with various ministries, I’ve been open and honest about the way I feel about certain issues I see. Some ministries have cared far too much about how many people show up for events, while some just seemed not to care about the Bible whatsoever. Any time I’ve attempted to call a ministry out on such an issue, I’ve been rebuked, ridiculed and slowly pushed out of my leadership role within the ministry.

I also have four years of experience working as a radio disc jockey, plus a knowledge of audio equipment and sound boards. I write music and edit photos and videos like a baller.

If you’d like to contact me with any questions, comments or offers, feel free to use the contact page, and I’ll send you an email back as soon as I can.

KTab Music

Channel Art

Tabatha and I have spent our time together making music. It’s kind of our thing. So far, we haven’t put much out, but at the moment we’re working on an acoustic worship project, which we’ll post a link to when it comes out.

Until then, you can check out our Facebook and YouTube pages.



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Scripture matters more than your feelings.

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