Does the Truth Matter Anymore?

So what do these three videos have in common? The primary issue that I saw wasn’t that DeVos couldn’t answer questions, or that she wasn’t aware of whatever debate was happening. What stood out to me was that the Democratic senators never actually let her answer their questions. On multiple occasions throughout the videos, she’s interrupted, she’s accused of being incompetent or uncaring and her words are taken out of context.

Why is this the case? And more importantly, why is this a mark on her reputation instead of the Senators posing unfairly leading questions and refusing to allow her to answer the logic or reason (remembering that the Obama administration never received such treatment during confirmation hearings)?

All three videos show one thing: once one of these Senators develops an opinion about this woman, it’s game over for her after that.

In the first video, she asks for some clarification on a question that Senator Al Franken asks. And in all fairness, his question was worded in the most confusing way possible, and he did stumble over his words for a moment. She just wants to make sure they’re on the same page as far as the definition of terms. However, Al Franken doesn’t like DeVos, and he decided from the moment Trump appointed her that she was incompetent. So instead of simply giving her the clarification and allowing her to continue, he seemingly tries to confuse her more, and then he berates her as incompetent.

“I can’t believe you’re not aware of this debate.” And social media justice warriors all chimed in “I can’t believe she’s not aware of this debate.” Keep in mind, first of all, that no one else is either, because these particular Senators have done nothing with any of the information in this debate since they took office. No one who’s calling her incompetent  understands what’s happening either, and that is the fault of the Senators who have been in office the last six years.

Secondly, he never gave her a chance to actually answer. He just kept rambling on, for which he was actually chastised a moment later, but of course CNN wouldn’t show you that part.

In the second video, Senator Christopher Murphy, instead of listening to DeVos’ reasoning behind supporting Trump’s opinions on guns on campus, he chooses to stand on the graves of the Sandy Hook victims to paint her as an uncaring villain who wants students everywhere to be shot. Clearly that isn’t the case, but that’s his opinion of anyone who disagrees with his position.

In the third, Senator (and former accomplish to a murderer’s attempt at becoming president) Tim Kaine tried to trap DeVos with a yes or no question, a trapping which DeVos expertly avoided. DeVos tried to explain her opinions but was met with “Just answer yes or no.” When she did finally give a yes or no answer, he interrupted her explanation, not giving her a chance to give any kind of logic or reason behind her disagreeing with Kaine (because if you disagree with a Democrat, you’re just an evil racist, and not someone who just thinks about things differently).

Again, all of this is based on a prejudice that she’s incompetent, and instead of getting an actual answer to their concerns based on facts, they use these hearings merely as a tool to confirm in the eyes of the world their own suspicions. They don’t care whether they’re factually correct, they just care about whether people think they’re right.

This kind of thinking is ruining this country and its culture. Making assumptions about people based on your own preconceived notions is disgraceful, and it shouldn’t be tolerated in our government.

What should have happened, and what should always happen in life, is someone thinking, “Hey, that doesn’t sound right to me. Maybe I should invite her to explain her reasoning so we can come to some sort of consensus and figure out what to do from there. Maybe she’s not an incompetent psychopath who wants our children to die and our educational system to fail. Maybe she wants the best for everyone and has different ideas of how to get there.”

The method in much of the liberal world right now is to question people’s actions and make assumptions about their intentions. Really, we shouldn’t assume anything and we should always ask people about their intentions. And we should always consider that just maybe we aren’t the smartest people on the planet and other people’s ideas work sometimes, especially if you’re part of a Senate education committee when the American education system is as broken as it’s ever been. Just something to think about. Not to feel about, but to actually think about for more than five seconds.




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