Apparently I’m a Bigot

The election results came in last week, and plenty of people are shocked that Trump won. And some people were scared, and some people were confused, and some people were angry, as happens in every election. But I’ve never seen so much hate from both sides being flung around.

Ironically enough, I’ve seen most of it coming from the pro-Clinton side of things. Not that Trump supporters aren’t guilty of it too, but being on the receiving end of the constant insults being hurled at Trump supporters, I’d be remissed if I didn’t call out the problem.

I voted for Donald Trump. And because I voted for Donald Trump, I am apparently a racist, sexist, Isalmophobic, homophobic bigot who is totally okay with rape and totally not okay with poor people. My fiancée, my co-workers, some of my friends and some of my family are apparently also in this category. We voted for Donald Trump, so we must agree with every last word he said. We must completely condone all of his faults.

First of all, that is fundamentally false. I don’t know a lot of people who voted for Trump who were legitimately excited to vote for Trump and thought he was a great candidate. I was originally planning on voting for Gary Johnson because of everything I heard about and from Donald Trump.

But then I did some research and actually found out what each of the four major candidates stood for. And what I found was that Donald Trump was the only candidate that at least took a pro-life stance in his speeches. I found that Donald Trump was the only candidate that thought business owners should have religious freedoms when it comes to their businesses. Donald Trump was one of only two candidates (the other being Gary Johnson) that thought Christian churches shouldn’t be forced to perform gay weddings. Overall, I found Donald Trump’s platform would allow all citizens, including those not born yet, to have the Constitutional rights they deserve, and all people who haven’t earned that citizenship would have to deal with that.

Wanting to prevent illegal immigration is not racism. I don’t think all Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers and neither does Donald Trump. But it would completely be ignoring facts if we didn’t say a big part of the drug problem is imported from Mexico. Not EVERYONE who enters this country illegally is a drug dealer, but tighter enforcement would certainly cut down on illegal drug trafficking. There’s been a problem with undocumented immigrants raping women in this country. He wants to prevent those issues any way he can. The media would like to tell you that he said all Mexicans are rapists, but if you look at the primary sources, namely, his speeches, this is fundamentally untrue.

We have a big terrorism problem. Donald Trump said there should be a ban on refugees coming in from Muslim countries until we know how to weed out the ISIS members who have already said they’d come under the cover of refugees. Of course the media only tells you he thinks we should ban immigration from Muslim countries because he hates Muslims, but again, if you look at the primary sources, that’s not true.

And I won’t pretend Trump is a good man and I won’t pretend he didn’t say some really demeaning things to women, but that doesn’t affect his policy, nor will it affect this country.

Trump supporters aren’t inherently racist. What’s inherently racist is the idea the left pushes about affirmative action: namely, that minorities can’t succeed on their own and  the white majority has to give them a handout.

Trump supporters aren’t inherently sexist. What’s inherently sexist is voting for a candidate simply because she’s not a man.

Trump supporters aren’t Islamophobic. In fact, even though Trump wants to prevent immigration from Muslim countries, I’ve already explained the intentions, and Trump plans on bringing the aid to them and making it safer for them to live where they are rather than making them come to us.

Trump supporters aren’t homophobic. There’s a huge LGBTQ wing that supports Trump. Trump has literally never done or said anything homophobic. Sure he doesn’t think gender identity should be considered in discriminatory law, but that’s mainly because most of us don’t think that people can choose their gender, and scientific facts back this up.

Trump supporters aren’t okay with sexual assault. Neither is Donald Trump, evidenced by the reasons I gave earlier for his cracking down on immigration. It’s not like Hillary has a great track record with standing up against sexual assault, lest we forget all the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault that she’s intimidated, humiliated and invalidated.

Trump supporters don’t hate the poor. Trump believes in fairly working to get a wage if you’re able. That doesn’t mean he hates the poor. If people have to work, people will teach their children that they have to work, and they can get out of poor neighborhoods. If the welfare system continues as it is, people will continue to refuse to work, and people will remain poor because they feel like they’re owed a handout from people who are actually earning an honest wage. We want to get them out of poor communities, not keep them there through government handouts.

And saying Trump supporters stand with everything you claim he stands for means that Hillary supporters must be okay with criminal activity, illegal handling of classified information, exposing national secrets to the public and to foreign hackers, lying, manipulating the press, bribery, taking advantage of a charity to pocket more money and all sorts of other awful things she’s now been PROVEN to do. I know Hillary supporters don’t support those things. So doesn’t it stand to reason that we support Trump for reasons other than his worst qualities?

Now, I know I’ve focused an awful lot on the attacks on Trump supporters, but it goes the other way too. Hillary’s supporters are not dumb. Many of them are not illogical. They have a different idea of what’s important than we do. That doesn’t make them stupid. They have different ideas of what will make the country great and we should not chastise them for that. Hillary supporters don’t want to take the rights of Christians away. Hillary’s supporters don’t hate gun owners. Let’s not make Hillary supporters have to defend their character if they voted for Hillary.

I’m writing this because I understand that people have all the right in the world to question my political beliefs based on the fact that I voted for Trump, and I have a right to defend that and we can have a discussion about it.

Calling someone a racist or saying they’re stupid or saying they’re okay with criminal activity with the only piece of evidence being their political views is wrong. If I legitimately say or do something racist and I am called out on it, I will own up to it. We should take a stand against racist, sexist, Islamophobic and homophobic actions. We should take a stand against government corruption and criminal activity. We should not, however, accuse anyone of any of these things without actual evidence of such. We should not accuse anyone of any of these things just because they voted for Clinton or for Trump. But just know that if you accuse me or Trump supporters in general of these things because of our political beliefs, know that I have the right to stand up for myself, and the same goes for the opposite end. Just something to think about.


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