Feelings Ruin Everything

Let me clarify. I don’t think emotions are inherently bad. I think emotions, when controlled properly, are a beautiful thing that can shape you as a human being.

The issue happens when we have this irrational fear of negative emotions and making people feel “oppressed,” so we feel like we have to put facts aside to suit this.

For example, the scientific fact that everyone is born as one of the two genders (with a couple of medical exceptions, which are often corrected into one of the two genders).

If I went outside in the middle of the day and said “the sky is green” when all evidence clearly says it’s blue, you’d say “No, you idiot. It’s clearly blue. Is something wrong with you?”

But with any issue that comes up online where a doctor tells a woman she can’t have kids anymore because she’s 50 and never bothered to before, she finds that medical fact sexist, and people jump on her side.

Personally, I think this kind of behavior, from left non-Christians especially, is both hypocritical and ironic.

Christians and conservatives are often chastised for “not using facts.” Apparently we ignore scientific evidence.

Apparently us following the most reliable ancient text in the world and believing there’s only two genders and not listening to everyone who claims they were oppressed but taking things with a grain of salt until we see more evidence is ignoring scientific evidence.

The people making those claims are the people making wild accusations, claiming they’re oppressed because one person on the Internet said something mean to them, act like they don’t have the same rights as everyone else even though they do, blow isolated incidents out of proportion, and use what people are feeling as valid evidence over scientific fact.

Even now, a certain PhD candidate is calling her science education sexist, racist, and oppressive, simply because certain things are stated as absolute static facts. (Click here for that fun story)

This has to stop. Some things just are what they are. You can’t just change or ignore facts because they upset you. Just something to think about.


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