5 Ignorant Statements About Christianity

The media loves to say really ignorant things about Christianity that don’t take into account history, context or biblical truth whatsoever. And we as Christians often don’t have a good defense because we haven’t bothered to ask those questions ourselves. Here are some examples:

1. Religion is the cause of all war. 

It’s not. To say that ignores all of history. People point to the Crusades as a religious war. It wasn’t. It was a campaign to gain as much land and power as possible, shown in the fact that they ransacked the Christian Constantinople.

Even the wars fought in the Old Testament were only fought because people were threatening and attacking Israel.

To follow John Lennon’s ideology that with no religion no one would have anything to fight over is simply idiotic. Wars are fought for money, land and power. A war has never been fought to convert anyone. Anyone who’s made such claims has always had a personal agenda to gain from it. All a lack of religion would do is make people more honest about their intentions.

2. Christianity endorses slavery. 

It doesn’t. Believe it or not, God doesn’t approve of slavery. I know there are Old Testament laws regulating it, but you should do more research if you think God is pro-slavery.

Most of the references to slaves in the Old Testament refer to debt servants. If someone owes money, they’ll serve someone for SEVEN years. Even foreign slaves are supposed to be treated well and released after a certain number of years.

Even so, the model of slavery was not meant for an ideal world, as sin had long infected the world up to that point. It was meant as an improvement over the rest of the cultures around at that time. There are laws in the Old Testament about rape, too, but God doesn’t endorse it. The law was meant mostly to add godliness to a culture that ran from God.

3. God lets bad things happen to people. 

God isn’t an oppressive, over-bearing, forceful God, and the proof of that is that He really doesn’t call non-Christians to live a certain way on earth. Instead, He’d like us to try to make them Christians first. He doesn’t force anyone to be a Christian, because love isn’t love with a gun to your head.

Because of that, He doesn’t really take control of people’s actions, and therefore He isn’t responsible when humans hurt other humans. That’d be like blaming Franklin Roosevelt for the Holocaust.

4. Christians are hypocrites. 

I’ll give you this. Some Christians are hypocrites. But Christianity by nature makes it nearly impossible to be a Christian hypocrite. The whole point of Christianity is that we can’t perfectly practice what we preach and therefore need Jesus.

Some people don’t preach that, though. Some people preach a gospel of behavior modification that in no way is true to the Bible. They tell you God doesn’t love you unless you clean up your act, and then they count their money and brag about how perfect they are. Those people are hypocrites. Christians aren’t.

5. The resurrection was faked. 

The fact is the epistles of the New Testament are some of the more reliable historical documents from that time period that we have access to. Most religious documents are written at least a century after the events are said to happen. There are accounts of the resurrection written between 15 and 30 years after it actually happened, so if it were false, it would have been struck down quickly.

Also, there are only two ways faking the resurrection could have paid off: either he wasn’t really dead or they robbed his grave.

Anyone who thinks either of those are possible doesn’t understand the Roman Empire. They made dang sure he was dead. No one survives the cross. And no one robs a grave guarded my by Roman soldiers. If Roman soldiers screwed up, they’d be next on the cross. There’s no way the grave was robbed with Roman soldiers there. There’s no way Jesus survived the cross with Roman soldiers ensuring His death. Jesus rose from the dead.

The media puts out these ignorant statements and culture eats it up. And often, Christians have difficulty arguing against it, because they don’t research these things (see Do Your Bloody Research).

So, Christians, if someone poses a difficult biblical question, be ready and willing to defend our faith. Just something to think about.


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