What Wrestling Can Teach Us About Worship


Well today is my equivalent of the Super Bowl. Tonight (after band rehearsal), I’ll be in front of my TV on the edge of my seat as I watch “the granddaddy of them all,” Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania is sort of the season finale for WWE, the climaxes of the biggest feuds happening in a match somewhere on the card. All of WWE’s biggest stars put on dream matches on the grandest stage in entertainment.

Unfortunately, this year, all of WWE’s main event plans had to shift. Everyone who walked out of last year’s Wrestlemania with a championship has to sit this year’s Wrestlemania out due to injury, including both of the tag team champions. On top of that, top stars like Daniel Bryan (who is technically part of that set of champions, but he deserves his own mention), Sting and Randy Orton have to sit out as well. Two of last year’s champions, John Cena (the favourite of many casual fans) and Seth Rollins (the favourite of many die-hard fans), may not return until well into the summer.

That’s bad news for this year’s Wrestlemania. In that list are 5 potential big main event players on the shelf. This has forced a massive change in the main events for the evening.

One of three main events includes a company executive as WWE champion facing a man that WWE has deemed their next big face of the company but that the die-hard fans refuse to accept.

One main event sees the Undertaker, the competitor with the most impressive Wrestlemania resume on the planet, facing the owner of the company’s son

Admittedly, the third main event between two die-hard fan favourites is genius and perhaps the saving grace of the evening, but the rest of the card reeks of board room panic. And with Wrestlemania being in AT&T Stadium in the hope of breaking the all-time Wrestlemania attendance record, many were wondering if this weak card would still give them their goal.

But you know what? It did. Later tonight. 100,000 casual and die-hard fans alike will crowd into AT&T stadium to watch the show. Authors for wrestling news sources that have spent the whole year complaining about the product are now making videos with the fans to hype the spectacle. Why?

It turns out, people are willing to come to Wrestlemania just for the experience of Wrestlemania. It’s not about the names on the card or the quality of the matches or the production budget. They just want to be there.

I’m sure the WWE board room was freaking out about what kind of experience the fans would have with a diminished roster, but the fans will still get the same experience, or even a better one, because of it.

As a worship leader, I can sometimes get caught up in the production. If something goes wrong and we have to ditch our monitors or go unplugged, I freak out. I worry about the atmosphere when we don’t have the best lighting options. And it’s hard for me to remember that the congregation doesn’t need all that.

We should do our best, but if something happens that’s out of our control, that doesn’t matter to the rest of the people in attendance. They’re just there to experience God. Just something to think about.


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