Christians: Stop Hating Donald Trump

DISCLAIMER: Since a lot people take politics as “You’re either with me or against me,” I feel like I need to say this article does NOT support Donald Trump. I’m just talking about an issue with Christianity. 

For some reason, Christians love to hate Donald Trump. If I had a nickel for every time I saw a “Christian” Trump-bashing article, I’d be as rich as he is. All of them say the same thing: he’s a bigot, he’s a pervert, and if you support him you are too.

Now, if these things were put more gently and sent straight to Trump, that’d just be calling him out on his sin out of love (again, with huge alterations). But these are vicious attacks made behind Trump’s back: that’s just hate.

It’d be one thing if the articles actually addressed his platform. If someone wrote in “Donald Trump plans on sending troops to Mexico to steal all their resources” (insert George Bush joke here), that would be a great reason to tell us as Christians not to vote for him.

But these articles mainly just take things he says out of context to call him a racist, sexist bigot, and say nothing about his campaign, and that’s just hateful.

Not to mention the fact that some people have received death threats – DEATH THREATS – for supporting Trump.

Now I can’t defend statements like “if she wasn’t my daughter I’d probably be dating her.” I can’t defend his sketchy business practices or reality star mudslinging tactics. I don’t think he’s a shining example of Christianity.

But trashing Trump on the Internet isn’t exactly a shining example of Christianity either. 

So please, as everyone votes in primaries and the election to come, remember the two commandments that Jesus placed above all others: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and … love your neighbor as yourself.”


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