What Wrestling Can Teach Us About Jesus (Part 3)

nxt takeover brooklyn

Many WWE fans will have heard of NXT, the development brand that gives prospects the chance to perform in front of smaller crowds, figure out their characters and develop their skills before travelling with the company.

What WWE doesn’t always tell you is that it has completely blown up in recent years.

They’ve recently sold out events in the Barclay’s Center in New York and in London, when in the past it operated as a small promotion in Orlando, Fla. That should tell you something. While WWE’s ratings have been on a steady decline, NXT has only gotten more and more popular.

In fact, many say it’s genuinely a better product. The storytelling is less predictable, the matches are a lot more fun, even the incredibly talented female wrestlers in NXT get to do more than slap each other around for five minutes.

What, then, can this tell us about Jesus? Well, it can certainly teach us something about churches. Many people assume that bigger is better when it comes to churches. Passion City and whatever Joel Osteen’s church is called seem to attract thousands. So everyone assumes they’re the end-all-be-all of churches and accept nothing less.

Even in smaller towns, the biggest churches tend to get bigger and the smaller churches suffer for it.

And, of course, some churches get smaller because they aren’t very good, just like many wrestling indie promotions just aren’t as good. But some people go to big churches more for the production quality than what they truly get from the experience, just like many people watch WWE for the production quality rather than the great storytelling and wrestling it sometimes lacks.

NXT is an example of something small that is doing a better job of giving wrestling fans what they want than WWE is. And while not every big church is bad and not every small church is good, there are a lot of small churches that are left in the shadow of megachurches who disciple well and preach the word of God well. Just something to think about.


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