We Love the Word Bigot

Throughout history, we’ve used certain words as excuses to see people as 100% evil. Witch, Torrey, communist, republican, racist, sexist and now bigot. And sure, occasionally these words were and are used for legitimate reasons, but more often than not people use these words either as direct insults or to make excuses for their own short-comings.

I recently heard from a teacher who had a student that claimed he was being bullied. He never told the teacher this; instead he told his mom the teacher wasn’t doing anything about it. So the mom called and later to came to the school to yell at this teacher who had no idea anything was going on and when she found out did everything she could to try to stop the problem. During that pointless tirade, the mother called the teacher a bigot.

The teacher certainly had every right to be insulted. But the weird thing is that word came completely out of no where. A bigot is someone who is intolerant of other people’s opinions, so I’m wondering if that mother really knows what the word means or if she just used it because it’s an insulting buzz word. The real problem was that her kid (who now threatens to get the teacher fired any time she gets onto him for anything) wasn’t telling the teacher his issues with bullying, but the mom didn’t want to admit her kid was doing anything wrong so she made an excuse: nothing is being done because the teacher is a bigot.

People throw that word around like crazy today without understanding what it means. So let’s see if we can put that word into context so everyone knows how to properly use it and understand that it’s not a word that should be used lightly.

Westboro Baptist Church: Absolutely bigots. They’re going to believe what they believe no matter what and anyone who tries to show them that their theology is wrong is called ignorant at best and a heretic at worst, all without actually defending their stance biblically.

A preacher who refuses to have a gay wedding in his church for religious reasons – NOT a bigot. He doesn’t necessarily hate gay people if this is the case, but the Bible he preaches from disagrees with gay marriage, so it would paint the wrong picture of Christianity as a whole if he performed the wedding.

A Christian who believes Christianity is the one true religion and thinks everyone should follow it to experience the love of God rather than eternal separation – NOT a bigot for two reasons. A: This doesn’t show a lack of tolerance for other belief systems. A bigot wouldn’t even begin a relationship with someone who disagrees with him/her. A Christian believes in loving every person on the face of the planet, regardless of opinions or beliefs. B: Christianity (or religion in general for that matter) is not seen by those who practice it as a matter of opinion. Debating someone on whether Christianity is the true religion to us is like debating whether Barack Obama (this was posted in 2015, if you’re reading this in the future. Hi robots) is president. It’s a matter of fact to us. God’s presence is very tangible and real to us through faith.

So someone who disagrees with society’s view of tolerance is not a bigot. Someone who hates society for that view of tolerance is. Someone who doesn’t think gay people should be allowed to be married isn’t a bigot. Someone who hates everyone who does is. Christianity is not an intolerant religion. Though we should seek to bring others into Christianity, the two commandments we have to follow before any others are to love God and love every person on planet earth, regardless of opinion. So Christians are not bigots. True practicing Christians should in fact be the least bigoted of everyone.

And let’s address one more thing, perhaps a log in your eye to check out. When you say all Christians are intolerant and all Christians are hateful and spiteful, and you want nothing to do with Christians or Christianity because of their outdated belief system or whatever, you’re being pretty intolerant yourself. The “tolerant” society we live in may be tolerant toward homosexuality, transgender and other things that society would have spit on 50 years ago, but now the intolerance is shifting toward religion. Do you see the irony in that? Just something to think about.


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