Dear Non-Christians,

Christians are not perfect. We know that we aren’t perfect. We don’t expect to be perfect. That’s not how Christianity works.

It’s crazy how culture will forgive anyone after a good amount of time has passed. Michael Vick is back on a football field and people want him to do well, people are okay with Tiger Woods again, and Bill Clinton is still one of the most beloved presidents in history. Yes, our society is incredibly forgiving.

Unless, of course, you are an outspoken and practicing Christian.

In that case, usually people will use your mistakes as another reason to not believe God is real for some reason. Because if anything proves that God isn’t real, it’s His people not doing what He tells them to do, even though every piece of scripture and word we claim comes from God says that we will in fact disobey Him.

“How can God be real if the people who are  supposed to represent Him sin against Him?” In that argument against God, you explain the whole concept of Christianity.

People don’t become perfect so they can become Christians. It’s actually the opposite. Broken, sinful people become Christians because they understand that they’ll never be perfect on their own. Once people become Christians the process starts that makes us become more like  Christ, but it’s not something we reach quickly.

We live in a society that’s forgiving, unless you’re a Christian.

We live in a society that says you should be allowed to choose to do or believe anything you want, unless you’re a Christian.

We live in a society that is tolerant of anyone and everyone, unless you’re a Christian.

Why? Because Christians are intolerant hypocrites?

Well it’s pretty hypocritical to hate Christians for being intolerant.

And the thing is, Christians aren’t intolerant. True Christians anyway. Yes, some people take the name of Christianity and use it to hate and hate and hate but that’s not what true Christianity is. True Christians go beyond tolerating everyone. We love everyone, because God loves everyone. Don’t believe me?

God can’t be anywhere near sin. God doesn’t sin. Jesus Christ didn’t sin on earth and He doesn’t in heaven. And according to Jesus Himself, the two most important commandments are to love God with all our hearts and love our neighbors. And who is our neighbor? It could be anyone. We’re told to show mercy and love to anyone, even enemies.

So how much more do you think God loves everyone? Fact is, we’re supposed to be His representatives on Earth, but we’re not here to say that we’re perfect and you should be perfect. We’re here to say that we’re not perfect and God loves us anyway. Just something to think about.


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