God Doesn’t Make Mistakes

God doesnt

I’ve now officially taken all references to “The Needle” I can find off my resumes and web sites. That was an interesting concept, but it didn’t really fit me. It wasn’t exactly my personality. In short, it was a mistake. I make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes.

You know who doesn’t make mistakes?

Well, if you’ve read the title you’ve a received a massive spoiler for the answer to that question.

Segues are weird. I’ve done more research on gender reassignment surgeries than I care to admit in preparation for this post and I have just one thing to say about them: you aren’t really changing the gender.

Sure, some things get folded and some artificial things get put in, but as a man becoming a woman, your body has more in common with Darth Vader than Lady Gaga, for example. It’s not changing your gender, it’s just making you a more convincing liar.

Clearly, like our race and heritage, gender isn’t something we can just choose. Heck, we really can’t choose our appearance, either, despite what plastic surgeons say to make a few million. Sorry, guys, Bruce is still Bruce.

On another subject that I’ve talked about in previous posts, this society is as hypocritical as they come. “Your sexual orientation isn’t a choice; you’re born that way.” But on the other hand gender is a free choice as far as what you identify as. Society tells people it’s important to be open-minded and accept change, but anyone who disagrees with any of the above statements is a bigot and his/her opinion doesn’t matter. What in the world?

Why should people want to change their gender in the first place? It’s another case of people mistakenly thinking that God is not perfect. Guess what? He is. And if you’re a man, be the man God created you to be.

“If God doesn’t make mistakes, why does war happen?” That wasn’t a mistake God made, people made that mistake.

“If God doesn’t make mistakes, why do people die horrible deaths at the hands of disease every day?” Death isn’t the end-all-be-all. The story of Jesus should tell anyone that.

“If God doesn’t make mistakes, why did He make the mistake of giving us free will instead of not letting us have the option to sin against Him in the first place?”

I get asked that last question so often, and here’s the answer.

If you hold someone at gunpoint and demand they love you, how much does that person love you? If a person didn’t make the choice to love you, what’s the point?

Our self-accepting culture should understand this: we want people to love us for who we are. God wants that too. He doesn’t want to force us to love Him; that would make less sense than, say, thinking you can change your gender. God wanted to present Himself to us and have us choose to love Him. And everything that most people choose not to love Him for: War, genocide, death, sadness, torture, separated families, pain and torment: all of that was caused by man after the fall, not by God. We didn’t have to cause all of that, but we did. If a man hands you a gun and you shoot someone, that man isn’t guilty, you are. Just something to think about.


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