Real Music

Real Music

Producers of pop music don’t get enough credit. People who love pop music give all the credit to the artist whose name appears on the album. People who hate it don’t give any credit to anyone. Thanks to hefty auto-tune, producers can do literally 100% of the work on a song outside of writing it. The producers have the real musical talent in the pop world.

And yes, I’m doing another post on musical talent. I gain a deeper appreciation for it all the time. It’s a God-given gift that can be used for incredible things.

People want things the easy way too often. Instant gratification. No one has the patience to learn anymore and everyone wants to sing. Some people have the natural talent but don’t want to cultivate it. And I really don’t understand why.

Check out Matthew 25. 14-30. Yes, I know the talents are a currency, but it applies to so many gifts that God gives us, including musical ones. God gives us somethings and expects us to do great things with them for His glory. How the mess can we do that if we never expand on it? There’s something great about taking something God gave you and knowing you’re doing everything you can to grow.

Talent doesn’t just happen. You’re not suddenly the best singer in the world because God gave you a singing voice. Just because you have rhythm and you can play basic beats doesn’t make you an expert drummer. If you’re doing it for God, you should want to get better. You should never be satisfied with where you are. Always getting better. No one who’s amazing at what they do started out that way. Anyone can be amazing if they start with the natural talent and work at it. So do it! Just something to think about.


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