Crazy how the whole church can be divided over such a small issue. Man alive.

I saw an article the other day titled “The New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel.” I cannot make that up. That’s right. Christianity has become politics. Are you kidding me?

The “Christian Left” apparently is a real group, but many view the Christian Left as a generalization of anyone who thinks that Christians should stay out of the lives of non-Christians and let them sin and such all they want to. That’s the view according to other, more conservative Christians.

The same article says Christians should “mimic Jesus” and “compassionately talk about love and grace while also sharing with their neighbors the need to recognize and turn from sin.” Sounds good, right?

Here’s the problem. Jesus never expected those who didn’t believe in Him not to sin. Look at the woman at the well. Most people look at that and say “There’s Jesus telling someone who isn’t following to not sin anymore.” But look at her response after they talk. She goes and tells everyone. Clearly she believes, and her life has been changed. So holding her to that standard is interesting.

It’s almost impossible to tell non-Christians to turn from their sin, because they don’t believe what they’re doing is sin. And why should they? I’m not saying “It’s not sin if you don’t believe.” But if you look from their perspective, sin doesn’t exist, so they don’t think they have a reason to turn from it.

This is why Jesus performed his miracles and showed compassion on the average Joe and really only rebuked evil spirits and Pharisees who should have known better.

It’s amazing to me how the sin of homosexuality has split the church so far and wide. Why is this in particular so important over, say, idolatry, adultery, lying and lust? Last time I checked, the most important commandment was love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. Maybe Jesus was wrong (OBVIOUS SARCASM IS OBVIOUS). Crazy how people fail to follow that command because someone else is breaking different commands.

Look at Westboro. All they care about is stopping people from being gay. There’s no other agenda they have. Why in the world is that one sin so important to them above everyone else? And why are they preaching behaviour modification before Christ? I’m pretty sure you don’t change until you accept Christ into your life. But they seem to think you can’t accept Christ if you’re in the sin of homosexuality. Granted, you should want to change once Christ comes in, but they say no salvation if you’re a sinner, which the opposite of the Gospel I believe, which says salvation is FOR sinners, the people who need it.

But by no means am I speaking out of the opposite side. I’m not gonna say everyone can do whatever they want with no consequences and believe whatever they want and still get to heaven. Homosexuality is definitely a sin. But I’m not gonna take anything out of context. Straight up, the Gospel speaks to salvation for sinners who long to seek Him and repent, not salvation for sinners who have already stopped sinning.

The reason the church tend to be divided is because someone becomes popular and says something contrary to the Bible. OR words are taken out of context for said popular person. I don’t exactly think of Joel Osteen as someone who believes things that line up with the word of God. But one time Joel Osteen said that gay people can go to heaven. And they can, if they seek the forgiveness of Christ and repent. That’s true. But people blew up online, saying he thinks the Word of God should be rebuked or something crazy like that. He never said that. He said gay people could get into heaven, and people who think that sinners need to change BEFORE coming to Christ took that way out of context.

It’s baffling. Why argue? Aren’t we all Christians here?

Oh well. Paul said in Romans 16 to “watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them.” So that’s what I’ll do, and I’ll advise you all to do. One extreme or the other. Why eat up the words of those people who are tearing the church apart and CONTINUE to tear the church apart over them? Jesus is still Jesus and God is still God. Just something to think about.


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