Who’s Guiding You?

Have we crossed that threshold where you no longer need musical talent to play in a worship band?

Leading worship is all about giving glory to God through music by using the gifts he specifically gave to you. Why would God give us something if we aren’t going to use it to its fullest ability?

Sometimes, musicians reach a point in which they are satisfied in their musical ability. Everything they play and write will be within those exact boundaries.

But as Christians, we should always want to build on the gifts that God has given us. We should want to get better at our craft each and every day of our lives. Why do we become complacent when we’re “good enough” for a worship team? Why do the most popular worship bands seem to put out less and less effort with every big church hit?

Which brings me to tracks. Before I move on, don’t think that I’m super traditional or that I’m against the use of external tracks. I love having tracks in song. It fills in gaps a growing worship band just can’t fill.

See, the problem becomes when you swear by them. These tracks often come with guides, times in which you’re supposed to play certain part of the song. This can work well sometimes, but other times, I feel personally held back by what the loop needs.

Tracks are becoming more and more vital in the worship leading business. In the case of songs such as “Alive” by Hillsong, they carry the tune all the way to the end. As someone who was given God’s gift of leadership, specifically in a band, should we trust a computer to tell us where to go in the song? Is there any room for reaching beyond the original layout of the song when most of the instrumental comes from loops?

I think Christian music is at an okay balance now. I don’t want to see contemporary worship turn into pop, however. All any pop artist needs is a decent singing voice and a good audio producer. I’d hate to see God-given musical talent wasted like that within the church.

But if we know how to use tracks to complement the instruments rather than replace them, that won’ t happen. Just something to think about.


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