Student Life Update 6


Well guys, I’ve made a decision to just post when I have time this summer rather than try to force myself to do one every week when I clearly am unable to do so. All the automatic posts are gone, so you should only see these random updates here and there rather than once a week.

After the last update I posted in which we did camp at Windermere Conference Center in Missouri, we went straight to Estes Park, Colorado. It’s hard to tell from the above picture, but we were right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Any time I wanted, I could look outside and see snowy peaks seemingly within walking distance. Even when things we wrong, I could look out a window, and suddenly I’d be calmed down. It sounds cheesy, but seeing God’s creation at some of it’s finest right in front of you just reminds you that He’s in control.


Anyway, the next week we went back to Windermere for another awesome camp week. Something about a huge concrete slabs really tests the limits of any production team, but we’re managing. The most important thing is that so much life change has been happening right before our eyes, and I think that’s the whole reason I’m here.


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