Student Life Week 2: Birmingham, AL


Training Week 2

Forgive me for posting this late, but I’ve been exhausted, and this won’t be long, since I need to get right back to it any minute. But updates are nice.

This week was rehearsal week, so of course staying at work until after midnight became a normal thing. So, naturally, did exhaustion. But I’m alive and I’m having the time of my life.

Romans 12:13 says to contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality. I’ve had plenty of discipleship group discussions on this verse and its surrounding verses in context, so I’ve always known just what it was talking about. Heck, it’s pretty straightforward. But, as sad as this is, true committed hospitality just isn’t something I’m used to seeing.

So I was blown away when the family I’ve been staying with the last two weeks lived it out so perfectly. Not only did they give us a place to sleep, shower, and get ready, which in and of itself would have been more than plenty, they offered us anything and everything they could, and more importantly, they wanted us to become a full part of their lives over the last two weeks. We’d stay up having conversations and they even wanted us all to do something together over the weekends. By far, they are the best example of hospitality I have.

I think, no, I’m sure we have a spiritual obligation to seek to show hospitality whenever we can and in whatever sense we can. It’s more than just giving one thing to someone and then tossing them aside. Jesus wanted more than that. Just something to think about.


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