Student Life Week 1: Birmingham, AL


Training Week 1

May 2: Finished finals & left Milledgeville
May 3: Visited family in Alabama
May 4: Told Luke Skywalker that I was his father
May 5: Arrived in Birmingham for training.

Training has been rather interesting to say the least. Figuring out line arrays and extremely expensive consoles can tire someone out. Finishing this week by setting up Brett Younker’s among other input lists was a nice touch. I’m ready to get out there.

Since there’s no speaker for the first two weeks, it looks like I’ll have to let the spiritual part of the blog come from my own mind again. Unfortunate, isn’t it? Oh well.

So, Wednesday or Thursday some of us went to Whataburger for some cheap and quick food. Inside, they started playing Kari Jobe’s “We Are” in the store. Ordinarily, I link songs, but I can’t link that one in all good conscience. As much as I love Kari Jobe (I even proposed to her once), I hate hate hate HATE that song. The lyrics are pretty much from the Bible, so I don’t hate that. But it’s so CHEESY! So, naturally, it was stuck in my head for the next two days. And of course, it’s stuck in my head as I write this. Whoopdiedoo.

But thinking about those lyrics got me thinking. Why is she saying “we are a city on a hill” while many churches and ministries say “we want to be a city on a hill.” So, I decided to look at the Word. We all know Matthew 5:14. “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.” This is Jesus Himself talking directly to His followers, and, in essence, us.

Many say “we want to be a city on a hill,” as in, “We want to reflect the character of Christ so that others will see us.” To put it like that would be to say that it’s about us, for starters, but also think about the words Jesus says. “You ARE the light of the world.” It’s not “Reflect the character of Christ and you will be seen.” It’s “You call yourself a Christian, and you ARE seen.” Whether we reflect the character of Christ, people see us. And people are looking for just that: are we reflecting the character of Christ?

So don’t just try to be seen. Believe me, we all can see you, and we can see you just want to be seen. God needs to be our focus in absolutely everything, and we need to reflect the character of Christ as much as humanly possible, most importantly because when people look at our character and see Christ, they are in essence seeing the Gospel in action. Just something to think about.


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