Of God and Doors

Of God and Doors

Side note: I think I’ve been getting more and more personal in this blog over the last few weeks, and I really like that. Let’s keep that up.

There’s a saying that goes “When one door closes, another door opens.” No one likes to use that saying more than Christians. It’s kind of a faith booster, when it’s accurate in that situation. “Well, I didn’t get that job, but God will open another door,” or, “I have a chance to be at both of these, but I guess God will lead me where He wants me to go and close the other door.”

Unfortunately, our God isn’t a “there’s always one door and only one door open” kind of God. Sometimes, there’s two doors, and you have a choice of which way to go.

Let me give you both a personal and biblical example. Recently, I applied to summer internships with both Student Life and The Fish in Atlanta. I figured “If I’m meant to be at one or another, then one will offer me a position and one won’t.” Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. Student Life offered me a position, and I was confident I’d get one with the Fish, too. Both of those doors were wide open. I had to make a choice.

God chooses to open a second door often in the Bible. There are plenty of cases when Israel asks God for something that He doesn’t really want them to have, and He finally says “Okay, do what you want.” A king, for example. Now, that doesn’t mean that every time God opens two doors, there’s one He wants you to go in and one He doesn’t. I believe He gives us some degree of choice in our lives, but that’s kind of open-handed, so we won’t get into it.

Of course, sometimes, there isn’t a door open. Take Job for example. His life fell apart around him and there was nothing he could do to change that. Those moments happen. We’re stranded in one place, we search desperately for an exit but it seems like one will never come. Beloved, this blog post is for you. Anyone in that category. Remember that an exit eventually came for Job. It took a long time, and Job lost a lot in the process, but a door did eventually open. I know it can seem like there’s no escape at all when opportunities don’t show up. But trust God. He’ll always give you a way out eventually. Just something to think about. Tillman out.


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