Maybe It’s for You

Maybe It's for You

This blog has received some criticism lately. More specifically, “Sometimes you make things sound like they should be obvious. Nonbelievers may think you’re talking down to them for not knowing.”

Well then it’s a good thing my posts aren’t geared toward nonbelievers. Otherwise there might be a problem.

You see, this blog is dedicated to showing believers how to more effectively keep up their relationship with God and spread the Gospel of Christ. That’s it.

Jesus didn’t spend a lot of time lashing out at nonbelievers like they should know better. The people he got frustrated with for not knowing better was the Pharisees: the very people that claimed to know better. So that’s what I’m doing here. I see inconsistencies in the lives of Christians all the time, and so I use this blog to call out the issues I see in Christians as a whole. Often, these are issues I’m facing myself as well, and I also need a reminder to stay focus on what the Word says.

God has laid it on my heart to give nonbelievers the message of the Gospel and to point out in believers the places where we come up short and ways in which we can fix it.

So this blog isn’t for nonbelievers. Maybe this blog is for you. It’s for the Christians who can’t get it right but want to be better. It’s for the Christians who need to be reminded that changing laws or changing culture won’t change anyone’s heart, and changing hearts is our focus. It’s for the Christians who need to be reminded what love and brotherly affection look like. It’s for the Christians who claim to know better (because they know the Word) and still find it next to impossible not to slip up. It’s for me, because I know I should know better. And it’s for anyone else who is in the same boat as me. Just something to think about.


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