It’s hard to write about humility. Writing about humility forces you to try to be humble while at the same time acting like you know more about humility than whoever is reading what you write. So I’m not even going to pretend. I struggle all the time to be humble. I’ve always had insecurity issues that I’ve tried to beat by acting like I’m the coolest person alive. I’ve led worship with the attitude that I deserve to be in God’s presence just as I am. I’ve demanded things from others that I’ve thought I deserved just for who I am. Most of the time, I am anything but humble. So this post is really for me. And it’s for anyone else for whom this is a major struggle.

A few months ago, I was trying and struggling to write a worship song. It’s hard to write lyrics to a God who’s heard it all time and time again. I’d write things down and then erase them because I’d heard similar lyrics in other worship songs. Even direct quotes from the Bible sometimes were removed from my lyrics because I’d heard them in worship songs before. Then, I finally realized that all of that was coming from pride. I wanted to be known as a profound lyricist. I didn’t want God to be known through my worship at that point. So I shifted gears. I humbled myself. And I got back to the lyrics my first instincts told me.

“God, I love you.
God I need you.
There is no hope apart from You.”

And then, I just decided to be honest with God about my realization in that moment.

“For I am nothing
And You are everything.”

What resulted when all was said and done was not a super profound and original worship song. I borrowed my lyrics from all sorts of songs I’d heard before one way or another. But the song was honest. And I think that’s what’s important.

When it comes to anything involving us interacting directly with God, whether that’s worship, prayer, or anything else, sometimes our pride can make us want to sound great. We want people to hear our deep thoughts and clever sentence structure. But God doesn’t want all that flash. He wants us. The real us. He wants us to be open and honest, and He doesn’t care if it sounds profound as long as you’re communicating what you’re actually feeling in that moment. That’s the God we serve. Just something to think about.


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