Consider the Gospel

Consider the Gospel

I used to be the kind of person who thought “Oh I don’t need to worry about what I would have been like if it wasn’t for the Gospel. The Gospel came. What-ifs don’t do anything.” For the most part, that’s true. What-ifs don’t tend to change anything, and it’s usually better to focus on what’s ahead.

But this week, I was challenged in my discipleship group to ponder just that: Where would I be now if Jesus hadn’t come into my life? Based on who I was before I was saved and the struggles I still have now, what would my life and my heart look like?

The answer from every person in the room was heartbreaking. We all fell silent. I could honestly feel myself tearing up. But then Billy, the leader of the group, said something:

“Fortunately, we’re not there. That’s exactly what Jesus brought us out of. And the life that we have now is the life Jesus gave to us.”

Man, that made me want to worship. The room was still silent, but this time for a different reason. We were all speechless. What can we possibly say in response to God’s mercy?

I’d like to challenge everyone reading this to do the same thing. Consider where you might be without Jesus, based on who you were before Christ and what temptations you still struggle with. Really think about it. Don’t exaggerate it and try to make it sound profound. Just honestly consider it. And then think about where you are now and how your life has been directly affected by the Gospel. Just something to think about. Tillman out.


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