What Does a Fresh Start Look Like?

We’re just a couple of days away from a new year. Which means everyone is thinking of the “new years’ resolutions” and trying to get a “fresh start.” Gyms will be packed during the month of January and abandoned for the rest of the year.

So, as a Christian, what should a fresh start or new years’ resolution look like? I’d like to try something new this time.

Forget everything you know about new years resolutions. Most of the time they’re about improving your health or making yourself a better person. Let’s forget about all that, and just focus on one thing this year.

How can I glorify God more?

What can I drop or add to improve my relationship with The Lord?

As a Christian, this should be the most, no, the ONLY important thing in our lives. So maybe it’s not a bad idea to list out what you need to keep and what you need to let go of.

For example, my girlfriend is the most gorgeous woman on the planet, and we make sure we have God behind us before we do just about anything. We pray together and for each other, and we want to see each other continue to grow closer to the Lord. So this particular relationship is one that glorifies God.

However, I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube or playing games this year. Not that these things are bad, and in fact, when used properly, they’re a good thing. Sometimes, your brain just needs an escape, and reading can feel like work, so TV and video games are there. But too much of it kills productivity, and kills time you could spend with The Lord.

Things like that. And then think of ways to add new ways to glorify God that you haven’t been doing lately. Maybe you need to pray more. Maybe you need to read more. Maybe you just need to find yourself in a place where you trust Him absolutely and you don’t need to worry about anything. There are tons of ways to do this.

Instead of being selfish with what we want out of this year, let’s figure out how to make it more about God than it is about us. Just something to think about.


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