Where is the Passion?


Am I the only one who sometimes goes to church and starts getting into really intimate worship and then turns around and gets really upset by the way the other people around him are worshiping? I know it’s supposed to be our time and I’m not supposed to judge them for it, which I don’t.

But come on, guys. In what way are you declaring your love for Jesus by humming a few bars of “Mighty to Save” and trying not to look too interested or too bored because you neither want to be seen as a heathen nor a Jesus-loving freak? Are we at that place now where society decides how much we love Jesus? Because last time I checked, Jesus wants our all.

I know people who have been missionaries in China, and they will tell you that you will not see any “standing around and humming” worshipers there. They’re real. They go all out. Their passion isn’t just there, but it’s VISIBLE. When I look at them, I can tell they actually love Jesus instead of being in a place where I really can’t tell one way or another.

And you have to realize how big an evangelism tool passion is. If you’re being real with God, people see a real God. If you’re being fake with God, well….

The LORD wants all we are, all the time. He’s jealous, and He longs for us. And in this case, that’s the opposite of a problem.

So, since I’ve found there are three types of people that just stand up and hum and try not to get too involved. I’ll address each of you individually.

1. You want to show passion, but you’re afraid of what others might think.

Well, sir or ma’am, perhaps it’s time for you to see something very clearly. As much as I know you like to be liked and you don’t want to seem weird, the opinions of people who are around for eighty years is not as important as the opinion of an eternal God. My opinions don’t even matter. Only His do. And if the LORD wants all of us, maybe we shouldn’t worry about our friends that much. It’s better in the long run.

I just decided to skip two, because it basically has the same idea. If you’re a sit-down worshiper, then sit down and worship. Real Christians will understand this. I do it all the time.

3. You’re a non-believer and you’d rather not sing along at all, but you’re afraid of being judged by your Christian friends.

Well, non-believer, this is for you. It’s okay. It’s really okay. If you want to sit down and endure the service, go for it. Chris Tomlin is so bad it’s hard to handle, I get it. I encourage to sincerely try and here from God though. Even if you don’t think He exists, just try and see if in some way shape or form you can be moved. Keep an open mind. You were invited to church for a reason. And even if nothing happens, your Christian friends shouldn’t judge you at all. And if they do, then on behalf of everyone who claims to love Jesus, let me apologize, because that’s not how we’re supposed to be. I love you, we all love you. No matter what happens.

And to anyone who actually gets into the spirit by standing still and humming, you rock on and do what The Lord is moving you to do. If that’s exactly what He’s got for you, you do it. There’s no right or wrong way to worship. I just want everyone to do it his/her way. Just something to think about. Tillman out.


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