The Truth About Jesus


I may or may not get a lot of heat for this post. I pray that the true Christians out there will understand what I’m saying, as will non-Christians. Everything I say, I’m saying because I believe it’s truth. Okay, let’s get down to it.

This week, I’m going to clear up some common misconceptions about Jesus. Why? Because they get on my nerves. I see depictions in TV and film, the way people read the Bible, and they all just upset me.

First of all, a lot of people see Jesus as barely human at all. He has the shape, but it’s like every word out of his mouth is absolutely full of wisdom and love, which it is, but there’s nothing else to it. It’s like He’s still so distant when we depict Him. When He says something, it’s nothing like how a normal person speaks, but more reverent, and you can hear the peace and honour in His voice, because He’s fully God.

But people seem to forget in these depictions that He’s also fully man. Jesus was a human being. He had emotions and fears and a sense of humour. He changed his tone of voice accordingly. And if you think this is all just a guess based solely on the fact that He’s a human, then you need to check your Bible. Jesus flipped tables. Jesus prayed in fear that He could be saved from the cross He had to face. Jesus was, honestly, kind of a smart mouth to the Pharisees. But we’ll get to that later.

In sort of the same category is the distance Jesus, when depicted by films and TV series, seems to keep from anyone and everyone emotionally. It seems like He doesn’t open up to them, and the only time He really talks to them is when He’s teaching. And then, it’s strictly business. However, Jesus and His disciples were best buds. He and Peter had a true, die-hard bromance going on. They were tight. Yes, the disciples looked up to Jesus as a teacher and a mentor and especially the Son of God. But He was also a friend to them, just like He is a friend to us. So if you approach Him in prayer, be mindful of His reverence, but boldly approach Him! He wants to love on you and embrace and all kinds of crazy awesome stuff! Don’t act like He’s far away from you when you pray, because He’s right there with you.

Another misconception about Jesus, or, rather, about Christianity, is that we shouldn’t point out inconsistencies in our own lives or the lives of other Christians. In this blog, I spent a lot of time talking about where Christians tend to do it wrong. Sometimes in a pretty sarcastic way. And sometimes people come to me and tell me that as a Christian I can’t point out where Christians aren’t lining up with scripture. Here is some logic that was used against me and another person I know who does the same thing recently.

“‘Christian’ refers to ‘little Christ.’ All those who claim to be a Christian should in turn act as Christ did, loving others (Luke 6:35), never tolerating the disgrace the his fathers temple (Matthew 21:12-3) and much more

The way you are making a mockery out of Jesus and the words of his father is a disgrace.”

He’s right. Christian does mean Little Christ, and we’re supposed to try to act like Christ, loving others and not tolerating disgrace on His Father’s temple. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

When Jesus flipped the tables in the temple, who was He angry at? When He was rebuking others out of love, who were the ones he rebuked, oh, 90 percent of the time?

The religious people and His disciples, that’s who.

Jesus did not spend much time rebuking those who claimed there was no God. He rebuked those who claimed they knew the Word. Essentially, He rebuked the people like us. The ones who should know better.

So, essentially, if we’re supposed to act like a “little Christ,” we’re kind of encouraged to point out the inconsistencies and faults in the lives of other Christians. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Anyway, I hope this has been enlightening and informative. And I hope no one hates me, because that kind of contradicts one of the most important commandments in the Bible anyway. Just something to think about. Tillman out.


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