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Hey guys. I’m Kaleb Tillman.  A lot of Christians in the United States live happy-go-lucky lives, unaware or uncaring of the persecution other Christians face in other countries. These Christians don’t really care about what the Bible says unless it can encourage them, and they seem to have replaced any part of Christianity that says to rebuke those who are doing wrong with a culture of positivity. Anything negative that is said is inherently sinful simply because it’s negative.

That makes me somewhat controversial when it comes to a Christian life. I think problems in the church should be called out and fixed. I think that people should be able to be honest about their feelings instead of lying about everything being fine because the culture dictates Christians always have to be happy. And I think that when Christians have actual problems that they’d like to vent on, discuss or fix, other Christians shouldn’t immediately assume that they’re having problems in their personal lives that they’re not being honest about.

Click the “About Me” link to learn about my goals and life and how you can get in touch with me. Click the “Blog” link for my blog. That one’s pretty self explanatory. Enjoy your stay at my blog.

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Scripture matters more than your feelings.